full color 198 pgs. Limited edition of 11 $295 Also in cd format $30 Available now

A story within a story within...  A mouse raises the eyebrow of a fable...
That tall long-haired fellow recites an absurd fiction to the girl
with the mouse on her shoulder...  A lion of staunch English upbringing
 and his bowler-topped boy are trapped in a parable, or is it a true story?...
And what of the brash mouse, the brutal finches, and the healing spirit.....
Painted and drawn in colored and black ink,
Well now... concerns friendship, promise, and the reality
and repercussions of always being there for someone.
Be careful what you wish for.
Hand assembled
with an original painting on each bark paper cover.
150 pages plus 48 overlay pages.  Also available in cd format.