The following images illustrate traditional New Mexican stories in Sueno Milagroso, an educational computer game about New Mexico history. Sueno Milagroso is the brainchild of the wonderful Elizabeth Wilkinson and is being developed through Albuquerque's Technical Vocational Institute.
All images are copyright TVI Foundation.

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In which Coyote and Eagle steal the sun and the moon from the Kachina people; and of how Coyote's curiosity released them into the sky, thus bringing seasons and the end of the perfect world.

La Llorona

In which the haunted tale of La Llorona, the Wailing Woman, is related; who lost her husband to wars, her children to the river, and now lures the unsuspecting to the riverside.

San Geronimo

In which San Geronimo, Patron of Animals, befriended a lion; who makes proof of his trustworthiness to the villagers and becomes San Geronimo's lifelong companion.

San Geronimo drawn by Tom and Jeff Benham