A graphic novel about autism, education, and the Savage of Aveyron



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Autism, Education, and The Savage of Aveyron

A Graphic Novel by Courtney Angermeier and Jeff Benham

At the end of the French revolution, a remarkable boy, Victor, was captured in the remote forests of France after having lived a life of complete isolation. He was a celebrity in his time. Ambitious young doctor Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard looked to him to answer the timeless question: What makes us human?
Victor was silent.

Out of their work, the field of special education was born.

Max lives in a world of his own.
When he is diagnosed with autism, the people in his life wonder if he will ever be "normal". As Max and his parents, teachers, doctors, therapists and friends strive to enter one anothers' worlds, they draw directly from the work of Victor and Itard. Again, they ask the questions: What is "normal"?
Who is human?
What makes us who we are?
How can we live together?


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